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Supanova – Success!

0 15 years ago

Brisbane, Australia
April 4-5, 2009

Division 1313, the Australian Division of the Army of Toy Soldiers, completed a wildly successful mission at Supanova Pop Culture Con is Brisbane over the weekend of April 5, 2009.

Toy Soldiers Lauren H., Propagandist Nog3 and Madaz Morgan distributed a whopping 250 Propaganda Packs (which consisted of a Manifesto, a Further Information flier, 2 Doctor Steel stickers, a copy of the Propaganda DVD, a small tin badge and a lolly pop) in a record 20 minutes of time. They also handed out 100 Steelified lollipops to congoers who were standing in line before the Con opened.

After the record-setting siege on the masses, the Soldiers then proceeded to distribute their reserve stock of 250 manifestos, 250 Further information flyers, 100 badges and 500 stickers, along with an extra “Ace Up The Sleeve” – about 50 Toy Solder Fridge Magnets – throughout the day. On Sunday, the Soldiers arrived bright and early for a 2nd day of invading, with more Magnets, little circular adhesive dots with the robot smiley face on them, 250 manifestos, and 100 Further Information flyers.

As an added bonus, Toy Soldier Private Draconia and Madaz Morgan were entered into the Cosplay Competition. The Soldiers proceeded to deliver the good Doctor’s speech on the definition of a Toy (As stated in the video “Building A Utopian Playland”) In their best Dr Steel impersonation (in which the Presenter/MC/Host showed good spirit in being the “Dancing Monkey”), Propagandist Nog3 was able to answer questions from the audience, as his role for the day as photo archivist prevented him appearing on stage in uniform. The Actor/Soldiers were then able to make a room full of Con-Goers perform a Steel Salute as Madaz declared “For a Utopian Playland!”

By the end of the Con, the Soldiers unofficially raided the “Unofficial Supanova After-Party”.
where several impromptu “Propaganda Grab-its” were developed and placed in the flier rack of the venue.

Photo documentation of the Invasion can be found

The Soldiers are already planning to have, in place, closer to 1000+ pieces of propaganda for the next Supanova.