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Operation: Global Invasion – A grand success!

0 16 years ago

On August 16th, Toy Soldiers from all over the world staged the first annual Global Invasion and set a new record for the most propaganda distributed in one day.

Below is a list of invasions organised for this incredible operation.

Beauty&Robots, Division#19, (England): London’s Hyde Park. Please follow this link or contact General Duffill for more information about Division 19’s future operations.

Beauty&Robots Division#19 (England) Invaded Leeds. Meeting outside Leeds city hall. Mass propaganda disribution. Leed’s first invasion. Follow this link for more info on the day’s success.

The Red Tide Division#2358 marched along Pensacola Beach, Florida.

The Fibonacci Division#1123 held a demontration in Hollywood, meeting at the Kodak Theater. There was strong emphasis on mind-control cookie distribution.

The Pravorne Division #138 also invaded the Hollywood strip and met with the Fibonacci Division.

Members of the Ventura Bodyguards, Division#805 and the Bakersfield Division joined them at the Chinese Grauman’s Theater in Hollywood.

The propagandamobile was be put into action for the Bakersfield Division#2007’s Pool Party at Fort Nelson and Bubble Fest in Downtown Bakersfield.

The Barbary Unit, Division#49 Marched from the Metrion to Union Square, Bay Area, California.

The Pitchfork Brigade, Division#669, the Bristol County Black Ops Division 01101, and a member of member of The Fighting 97th invaded Carson street in Pittsburgh PA. See here for more info on this successful operation.

The Roughneck Rejects, Division#1428 organised a march through State Street Mall at the UW Campus at the end of State Street, Madison, Wisconsin.

A special “Toy Soldier booth” was organised at the Orlando Anime festival (Florida) in the Wyndham Orlando Resort where Soldiers distributed the mind-control throughout the weekend, playing the propaganda film “Building a Utopian Playland” and a panel of Toy Soldiers gave a talk about Dr.Steel on Sunday at 9am.

For more information on the Invasion’s success or joining the Florida Soldiers for their next invasion, please contact ToySoldier Wacko

Division#706 invaded Little 5 Points in Atlanta. Please contact Toy Soldier NRG for information on joining Division#706 for their next invasion.

Division#2112 invaded the Bristol Renaissance fair in Bristol Wisconsin. The operation was a grand success with masses of propaganda distributed amoung the masses. Please contact Cptn. Kasandra-freqgirl Zavrie for more information on this invasion or for joining Division 2112 for their next mission.

The Houston Heatwave, division#342 met at the Marq*E center in Houston for a day of Tactical Playtime Training and then a mass viewing of The Dark Knight. Please contact Toy Soldier Matt for information on their next TPT day.

If you missed out on the Global Invasions this year and you LOVE Dr.Steel, please join us on August 16th next year and help us build our Utopian Playland!

If you would like to organise an invasion in your area for next year’s Global Invasion day, please send your request via the contact page.

A big thank you to Toy Soldier Leviathan for encouraging this idea to spread far and wide.