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Comicon Invasion – By YellowJacket DevilBoy

0 16 years ago

“Greetings soldiers,
Drill sergeant Devil boy reporting.
This years Comic-con Invasion was a smashing success
there was an amazing turnout and many thanks go out
to all the Toy soldiers,scouts,and Nurses who made
it possible.
First off. Friday there was Operation Kill them with Kindness.
On Friday a small group of us infiltrated the line for the
Joss Whedon panel, the turn out for the panel was huge and
Filled up quite fast so with smiles and good will we
brainwashed over two hundred and fifty people waiting in line for the panel
with propaganda and candy which was not an easy task.
Apparently the convention center staff does not allow anyone
to hand out any kind of advertisement unless you are affiliated
with one of the business’ who have a booth at the event.
It turns out we were also inadvertently holding up the Whedon
line from time to time and were threatened with being removed
from the Con unless we ceased and desisted, we did not,however
we were more covert with our actions and continued.
We were unable to attend the screening due to the fact that
tickets were to be obtained earlier in the day and the screening
filled up fast. The thought had occurred to me to once again
bombard the line with propaganda,however this being an after
hours event we would stick out and immediately be ejected.
So we decided to save our energy and propaganda for the march
the fallowing day.
Saturday between 12:00 and 1:00 Soldiers started to meet in
front of the Hyatt. We utilized the time waiting for the others
to arrive by getting to know each other(those of us who haven’t met)
and discussing future missions and operations.
A great time was had by all but that was only the beginning.
After everyone expected had arrived we all gathered around and
watched the transmission sent by our Noble leader,and then we
moved out.
Due to the crowds and propaganda disbursement our march was separated
into two which made it appear larger than it was (and it was rather large)
we canvased the front of the convention center until we reached
the end and were turned around by security and then we went back the way
we came. We were told by security a few times that we could not hand out
our propaganda in that area and would have to cross the street if we wanted
to continue,so we did and found a location where most of the Convention goers
would have to pass through and further propaganda was disbursed.
At this time I had to return to the Con but periodically
checked in with the Soldiers.Around this time I sadly missed a surprise Visit
by Yellow Jacket Crazy.
This was an amazing invasion and would not have been possible without the
Amazing initiative put fourth by the toy soldiers.I look forward to next year
which I am sure will be even bigger.
Thanks again to all involved My humble Division and I salute you and look forward
to marching with you again very soon.TO A UTOPIAN PLAYLAND!!!”