Toy Soldiers:

 Male Soldier Regiment LogoFemale Soldier Regiment Logo

Toy Soldiers refer to everyone in the Army. Whether you’re a nurse, scout or engineer, you’re still a Toy Soldier. They are the core of the Army, marching forth with propaganda in one hand and often a NERF gun in the other, bringing fun and propaganda to all!


Male Nurse Regiment LogoFemale Nurse Regiment Logo

Nurses help with maintaining a healthy dose of insanity in the Army! They provide energy drinks, cookies, candy and anything needed to make an event exciting and fun! They lend us assistance by boosting morale and helping make us look fabulous!


Male Scout Regiment Logo Female Scout Regiment Logo

This regiment is still predominantly aimed at the younger generation of soldiers, however it is still open to all. Scouts are the angelic and innocent face of the Army, handing out cookies with a smile, distracting anyone who might glance upon the ingredients list. They are excellent at recruiting others and hold a special place in all our hearts!


Female Engineer Regiment Logo Male Engineer Regiment Logo

Toy Soldiers who get their hands dirty in the creative process. Building, designing, constructing, tinkering, this latest addition to the regiments gathers together those who put their practical skills to use to help create a better world for us all!