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In Memoriam

The Army of Toy Soldiers stretches far and wide, too include many people who put their hearts and souls into making the world a better place.

This page is dedicated to those Toy Soldiers who have passed on from this world onto the next, to their own Utopian Playlands. They have touched our hearts and minds, and though the world may be a sadder place without them, we march onwards inspired by them.

Professor Jimmy Blue YJ
Professor Jimmy Blue YJ


Colonel Necro YJ
Colonel Necro YJ


  1. Funtime_joshua

    May they rest in peice

  2. Xoid

    May the Iris guide these Toy Solders to begin a life anew.


  3. Lilinvia
  4. Mr.J

    I remember When we lost The Colonel. I was very sad to read about it. I am not very good at dealing with death when it comes to others. I never say the right words or cry at the right time. I’m often called unfeeling or robotic in nature when faced with this kind of Trama. I wish I could say I knew these fine Toy Soldiers closely. You are lucky indeed to be able to say you did. Idealistic redoric I can ramble off for hours but fond words of fairwell, this I am not so good at. Perhaps I should have said something then. Perhaps I should have said so much more. done so much more. I just recently in the last couple of days wanted to give up the fight once more. I have often felt this way. However there were those who would not let me give up this time. Oddly enough it was that very reason that motivated me to reenlist. The best words I can give now is that we must remember those we have lost and fight the urge it gives us to give up and use it as a reminder of why we must not ever give in. I would very much like to see this world the Utopian Playland that these two must be enjoying in the big Utopian Playland in the Sky. Play on my dear fellow soldiers. Play on!
    With much Sympathy, love and affection,
    -Doctor J

  5. TinkerTailorSoldierSpy

    Salud, comrades,salud.

  6. Dr Ophelia Strating

    I still miss Jimmy dearly. I won’t ever forget, even in my mostly inactive state, his kindness and optimism every time I was in his presence. His expressions of creativity lifted so many of us up so often, and I wish I had expressed my gratitude for his kindness while he was still with us. Truly, his legacy lives on in so many of us who were touched by his creative light and kindness.

  7. QueenSparrow

    *Salutes* In memory of our fallen brothers you will be remembered

  8. Carl Von Richtofen

    A toy soldier toast to the fallen

    May we play in the Elysium fields and the streets of Fiddler’s Green. May your water gun never go dry nor your batteries flat. May the dreams of Robots guide us to the Heavenly shores. Farewell dear fallen comrades and friends, when again we meet I can only imagine what will be in store.

  9. Insane Nurse Chimo

    *Salute* May they forever have fun in their own utopian playland.

  10. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    *salutes* they will always be remembered

  11. George Miller Hoctor

    Those men are truly great.


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