Toy Soldier Day

On March 4th of every year, Toy Soldiers, Nurses, and Scouts gather from around the world to celebrate the day that Toy Soldiers Unite was formed in 2006.

Though much has changed in the many years TSU has been around, one thing will never change and that is Toy Soldier Day.

What exactly do we do on Toy Soldier Day?

Invade a theme park with your division, gather some friends round for a barbeque, take the giant robot you’ve been building in your garage for a stroll, or if you’re at work, instead of saying ‘Have a nice day’ say ‘Have fun today!’.

One of the greatest invasions to happen on Toy Soldier Day is the invasion of the Disney theme parks. Disneyland in California, Disneyworld in Florida, even Disneyland Paris. But invasions can happen anywhere at anytime!

And though times are tough, you don’t need to attend a popular theme park to have fun with you friends. Break out the NERF and water guns and head to the park for a showdown of epic proportions!

The Toy Soldier Army shows the world to have more fun, by leading by example, and on Toy Soldier Day we have FUN!