Toy Soldier Name

Dr. Lovecraft




Toy Soldier

Special Skills

Illustrator ( Classical Drawings)
Prop-maker ( for use in LARP, short movies, photoshoots, theater and the likes)
Creative people-person
Digital-Illustrator ( photoshop/painshop pro / Flash )
Ambitious Initiative-taker
PHD in Roleplay and Warhammer 40k
Merchandising/trade- graduate
prof. Tournament-Dancer ( Latin/standard)
Linguistic studies
Basic to Advanced knowledge on anything normal
Advanced to hardcore knowledge on anything geeky


A creative soul always looking for a new canvas. Be it drawings, ideas, paintings, props, movies or acting.

I specialize in teaching, tutoring and low-level dirty humour.

I am also a huge admirer of H.R. Giger, H.P Lovecraft and .. Monty Python.. Basically I take great inspiration from horro and sci-fi. I am a very active roleplaying enthusiast and encourage the geeky aspects of life – as long as they don't excell people into an introvert antisocial anti-type.

I am currently studying psychiatry and child-welfare – but I also have experience with merchandising and trade-law.

I always try to make people around me feel at ease and good. Being the jester and trickster dressed in black, with a passion for the darker more dirty jokes – I tend to be a mild barney stinson, un-womanising type – who always tries to make you smile..

Baring all that; I'm passionate, devoted and ironwilled in projects I endeavour to finish.

Enlistment Date


Events & Invasions

SVSCON 2011 Denmark
various puplic apperances
School invasions
Local newspaper invasion