Corporal Revosolutiion @cocobeans ?

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i noticed alot of people on here are into star trek , did any of you know HOW IMMENSLY that stuff relates to the annunaki ? socioty , and ancient history . Actually , most movies , like avatar , transformers .. the lion king for F sake , all has some sort of obvious but hidden meaning inside of them . And a lot of games like beyond good and […] View

Errr . umm .. me ? o.o

Condemned to this ever destructive society . But i will break through , break free , and all of you , the toy soldiers , along side me , we are not outcasts , we are the toy soldier army ;]

    • Randomly came across this picture looking in recent activity, and beside the fact that its a really awesome photo, your poem really spoke to me. i just wanted to let you know that it means something to me. thank you! :)

      • Thanks man !
        and i am honored that this means somthing to you even tho its just a small poem , thats really cool of you dude ! heres some love ~ LOVE !!!! :} hhaha x