#1665 The Clockwork Zombies

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Welcome to #1665, The London Division, AKA The Clockwork Zombies!

Division Leader: Pvt Morglum

Operating out of London, we will blow your minds away with each of our unique forms of insanity. So recharge your cybernetic batteries and breath new life into your clones. These streets are made for marching so marching is what we will do!


“We will shower you with fun and happiness just as the good Doctor orders! And sometimes turtles. If the mood is right.” ~Captain PsiLady

“We will enlist them in the Nightclubs, we will enlist them at festivals and we will enlist them at Conventions: AND WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!!!” ~Col Necro Nancy Boy

“Col. Necro, you will be in our hearts and minds at every invasion! We shall recruit these Londoners and make you proud! There’s a pint for you at every invasion!” ~Evelfa

Invasion forum thread…this way…http://www.toysoldiersunite.com/forums/topic/1665-the-clockwork-zombies

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