Dancing Monkeys

Dancing Monkeys

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  1. Captain Jack YJ says:

    This isn’t very nice. I’d like to think I made peace with you folks. It’s a shame to see stuff like this. I worked very hard for this army for a very long time, things went south for a lot of people after the Doc left. I made my mistakes and apologized. It was a really awful feeling to think “I wonder what TSU is up too” and see this. Thanks alot…you folks sure know how to make people feel welcome.

    • Hey Jack,

      Sorry if this page hurt you in any way.
      It’s not meant as a serious insult towards anyone.
      Just a 404 without the actual 404 message (something I’m still working on).

      I’m not speaking for anyone other than myself if I say that I would love to have you back in our midst.

      – Engineer Airhead

  2. Tsanawo says:

    Thank you, this made my day. :D

  3. Chief Kief the wacky. says:

    You brilliant madman!

  4. Nurse Chizel says:

    Oh my goodness.

  5. Corporal Tink says:

    haha pure genius XD

  6. LED-Master Gonzo says:

    HAHA Brilliant!

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