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I suddenly notice I’m walking through an empty hallway, I do not remember what I am doing here. Come to think of it, who am I? *looks at arms* They’re made of metal, am I a robot? *moves arms and listens to servo motors being activated* Apparently I am, now what? I can’t remember being a robot,…



The hot dog man had been by again. The smell of steamed meat and artificial bread permeated the corridor. There was a ketchup stain on the floor with the mark of a trolley wheel running through the middle of it. The investigating team’s equipment had detected trace elements of onion, mustard and honeydew melons. According to the…

‘Join TSU’ by Dr. Malice – A ‘Happy’ parody!

Dr Malice's Apothecary

Toy Soldiers once more amaze us with their passions and talents, and the latest to join the fine tradition of making music for the Army of Toy Soldiers is none other than Dr. Malice! After a brief comment thread and some discussion with other Toy Soldiers, Dr. Malice (Supposedly also known as Larry Malys) and…

Excuse me

Excuse Me

I should first start off by informing you about my home. Welcome to the Bunker. I live here with many of my comrades and other creatures.  Some much larger than my kind, just so you know. I am a hamster after all. Though you may be wondering how I am communicating with you, it is…

Robot Attack – The Red Tide Division

Robot Attack Banner

The latest Robot Attack from Scouter715 is available for your auditory entertainment, featuring The Red Tide Division from Florida. Click here to download

Toy Soldier of the Week: Engineer RAD!!

RAD banner

This week’s Toy Soldier of the Week is Engineer RAD! He marched with 10,000 others through Belfast demanding that same-sex marriage be made legal. He also gave a speech on stage to everyone who attended the event. Read all about it here! This is a fine example of a Toy Soldier standing up for what…

The Mechanical Debacle [Part 3]

Mechanical Debacle

I followed the hamster through the corridors and some very tight maintenance shafts which ended in a dimly lit room. The room was full of hamster wheels and other toys, an automated food dispersal system and small hamster tunnels running in every direction. Even though this clearly looked like the hamster’s mess hall (or whatever…

Propaganda – A Public Service Announcement

Propaganda PSA

  In this continued series of Public Service Announcements from TSU-HQ, I give a brief overview of Propaganda, the Army of Toy Soldiers primary method of brainwashing the masses! Share with others, show your friends, brainwash your teachers, and don’t forget to leave a comment.

The Mechanical Debacle [Part 2]

Mechanical Debacle

I put the hamster on the workbench, which had become a bit of a mess in the last few weeks. It was piling up with all kinds of designs, sketches, electronics, defective devices etc. The hamster ran off and scurried through the rubble. I tried to catch it but it managed to evade me until…

O.S.F. #2 – Hamstronaut


Scruffy had never been on a big assignment before. He thought of himself as a brave hamster, doing his hamster things, gather supplies and working his shift at the wheels of the Digital Bunker’s power generator. Nothing extraordinary ever happened to him. He was just 8 months old, grew up in a normal but crowded hamster…