• Greetings From The Playland #21
  • Lost and Found
  • The Quiet Room
  • How they arrived
  • The Mechanical Debacle - Prequel

Greetings From The Playland #21


The Playland Community Radio sends their regards and insight into the world called tomorrow. Captain Sari Alwinn is the host to what seems to be a radio show. Tune in and see what it is all about… This episodes Traffic was Already Gone by Deadman String Band

Lost and Found

Lost & Found

The lost and found office located on floor 5-B corridor 23 has been abandoned for a long time now. Back then, when there were tens of thousands of Toy Soldiers marching the halls it was a different story… So many people, so much mess. Lost pets, wallets, ID-cards – heck you can even find some…

The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room

FOR ATTENTION OF SPYMASTER GENERAL VALRAVN – RECORD TAKEN FROM SOLDIER MAGPIE DURING MISSION DEBRIEF BEGIN PLAYBACK ******* Sometimes we work a little too hard trying to fulfil our dreams. Sometimes things go wrong. Mistakes are made when preparing batches of behaviour alteration beans, somebody experiments with their own mind and something just snaps. In…

How they arrived

How They Arrived

Everyone remembers the day they dropped into our lives, quite literally. How that happened? Well let me explain. We were on a mission, inspection and recovery of useful things in that abandoned science area of the bunker. Rumour had it that the reason we no longer played around with genetic enhancements was down to something that happened…

The Mechanical Debacle – Prequel

Mechanical Debacle Prequel

*CLUNK* *CLUNK* .. *BLEEP* .. *CLUNK CLUNK* Hamster King George looked up from his scavenging, pointing his ears in the direction the echoes seemed to originate from. George was curious, but generally careful when it came to things his little hamster brain didn’t understand. Even though hamsters in the bunker have quite a high tolerance…

Doktor Konundrum 102

Doktor Konundrum

Greetings once again! In this episode, the Dok explores the natural radioactive properties of bananas, teaches us important phrases in the monkey language, and answers some fan mail! He also demonstrates his theremin playing! Not sure what a theremin is? Well…it’s one of the first electronic instruments ever created and its played by disrupting magnetic…



Bright room. White, cannot move, cannot see. I hear movement. [ FAILED TO ADJUST VISUAL RECEPTORS ] Where am I, last thing I remember is walking through the halls, looking for… Was I looking for something?  I saw a human there, did he have something to do with my predicament? [ MEMORY BLOCK 0x9F5A UNAVAILABLE…

Robot Attack – Featuring a special guest!

Robot Attack Banner

Robot Attack is the podcast presented by Scouter715! This week he has a special guest…. ME! Click here to download Featured music: White Rabbits – Percussion Gun The Clash – London Calling *Note: The second Gaming Marathon raised just over $1500. My bad.

The Annual Gaming Marathon: Mission “Find A Charity”

Gaming Marathon

Hello folks, Since it is never too early to start planning and we are having big plans for next year’s Gaming Marathon, we want YOU to vote for next year’s charity! We have selected a few options for you to vote for. Please note that this poll is only up for the limited time of…

The Supply Run

Supply Run banner

Sergeant Dutch Barracuda stared at the calendar intensely. He couldn’t decide if he was trying to will it to be another date or if he was attempting to set it on fire with yet to be unlocked pyrokinetic abilities. Neither was working so he just sighed as he leant forward on his desk to press…