The Hilarious Adventures of Toy Soldier Dermut


Once more, here are some delicious comics by Dermut for your sensitive delectation. More to follow. Stay tuned!    

Robot Attack – Sgt. Voltor

Robot Attack

Each episode, Scouter715 takes a look at the divisions of the Army of Toy Soldiers, discussing what they do, as well as featuring music. Today we meet maker and noise generator, Sgt. Voltor!

The Hilarious Adventures of Toysoldier Dermut


More as promised. So Dermut presents, for your delectation:   More will follow. Promise.

TSU Gaming Marathon Raises $2100 for Enable!

Gaming Marathon Success

Between the 1st and 3rd of April, Toy Soldiers across the world gathered together in the digital realm. Their mission? Stream and game for as long or as often as possible between Friday and Sunday, and raise $2000 for the Enable Community Foundation. It was a SMASHING success. With Lt. Sophie, Engineer Airhead and SilentAddle leading…

Robot Attack – Engineer RAD

Robot Attack

Another episode of Scouter715’s podcast Robot Attack is available to you for your listening pleasure. This episodes guest is the host of Gears of Steam podcast, Engineer RAD.

Build A Playland – Dr. Malice & Toy Soldiers Unite – Music Video

Build A Playland

Revived from the depths of a bygone time, Build A Playland has been revitalized with the efforts of Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra, and along with SilentAddle and various Toy Soldiers, given a whole music video to entertain your pineal gland with! Enjoy!

F.E.A.R. Our World – New EP From Mechanical Audio

F.E.A.R. Our World Banner

A special release as part of the celebrations for Toy Soldier Day! Mechanical Audio’s first Ep “Welcome To Our World” brought you hypnotic bass lines and tripping melody’s to a cinematic feel. Brought to you from Robin Tindill and The Operator “F.E.A.R. Our World” is the 2nd release from Mechanical Audio and if “Welcome To…

Project Return: The return of the Toy Soldier Comics

The Return Of The Hilarious Adventures of Dermut

In the beginning there was nothing. Then the challenge was issued. Toy Soldier related comics, go make some. Many flocked to the challenge. Some succeeded. But tragedy, real life and technical problems finally dropped the mic and the silence ruled. From within that silence, a phoenix is rising and the challenge is issued again. Toy…

Toy Soldier Day 2016 – The 10 year Anniversary

Toy Soldier Day 2016

It’s finally here. Toy Soldier Day. On this day 10 years ago Toy Soldiers Unite was founded and the Army of Toy Soldiers moved into the Digital Bunker, our home and base of operations from where we strike out upon the globe, invading, infiltrating and brainwashing the masses in our mission to take make over…

Robot Attack – #1890 His Pedalogical Lovecraftians with SilentAddle

Robot Attack

Each episode, Scouter715 takes a look at the divisions of the Army of Toy Soldiers, discussing what they do, as well as featuring music. This time he’s joined by that mysterious and tacit Toy Soldier, SilentAddle

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