• Robot Attack - Lt. Sophie
  • Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra
  • Robot Attack - Dr. Malice
  • Lullaby - Part 2

Robot Attack – Lt. Sophie

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Robot Attack is the podcast presented by Scouter715! Today, Scouter715 is joined by the ever talented Lt. Sophie, organizer of the 2016 Gaming Mammoth!

Lullaby – Part 3

“What is this?” Gonzo looked at Sophie in utter confusion. Did they have musical machines down there? A sentient synthesizer? Both moved their heads back towards the screen. “That’s it!”, Sophie shouted excitedly. “It’s that shadow!” In the distance they could see a figure, resembling a human silhouette. As Major slowly moved closer, the sound…

Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra


Join the forum discussion on this postIt is with great pleasure we get to announce the release of a brand new album created by Dr. Malice, who in recent months has been a huge contributor to the Army of Toy Soldiers with music and audio for various projects. Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra was…

Robot Attack – Dr. Malice

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Robot Attack is the podcast presented by Scouter715! In this episode Scouter715 is playing host to the musically inclined Dr. Malice, with a very special announcement!

Lullaby – Part 2


“Eureka!” Lt. Sophie shouted happily as she watched Major looking around curiously with its new ‘eye’. Finally, it was done, and it even worked immediately. She made a note in the back of her head to mark this special day in the calendar as those things rarely ever happen. After a month of waiting for…

Lullaby – Part 1


Lieutenant Sophie had just finished the software update for her cybernetic vision enhancement, as the automatic pet door to her bunker room slid open, and a tiny spider bot entered the room. “Hello, Major. You’re back from your adventure already?” *Bleep bleep boop* “I see”, she said smiling, “And now you’re here for a snack.”…

#512 – Waterratten invade Germany

Dutch Invasion

Operation: Invade Zee Germans Participants: #512-Waterratten Taskforce consisting of: Engineer Airhead, Delina and Gonzo Objective: Take over Lt. Sophie and Silent Addle’s apartment for games, photoshoots and shenanigans. It was 11am in the morning on the 21st of August 2015. It was a very hot day. Gonzo was waiting at the station of Eindhoven, a…



Every day I do the same thing, I wake up and prepare for my daily dealings in the bunker. Every day I do the same thing. Every day, I do something. Today is unlike the other days, today I took a left instead of a right. Today I winded up a different part of the…



The alarm sounded off, jolting Airhead from his sleep and causing him to slam his head against the desk he was recovering under. It was the first moment’s peace he’d had in three days after having trouble with painstakingly parsing XML files. He was by all accounts exhausted and desperate to catch even an hour’s…

Robot Attack – Now with more Engineer Airhead

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Robot Attack is the podcast presented by Scouter715! This week he has a special guest, none other than the codemonkey responsible for keeping the Digital Bunker from falling to pieces, Engineer Airhead! Music featured: New Politics – West End Kids