Toy Soldier Of The Week – Scouter715

Toy Soldier Of The Week Scouter715

This weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week is Scouter715! He has been nominated for his amazing podcast, which is in fact the longest running podcast by a member of the Army of Toy Soldiers. Scouter715 continuously explores the wonders of the Army, and those associated with it, including his latest podcast interviewing Professor Elemental which…

Robot Attack – Professor Elemental

Robot Attack Banner

A brand new Robot Attack, the podcast presented by Scouter715 where he chats and interviews, and this time he has the time-travelling, tea-swilling, mad inventor and legend of the steampunk subculture, Professor Elemental.  

Toy Soldier Of The Week – Dr. Malice

Toy Soldier Of The Week Dr. Malice

This weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week is Dr. Malice! Dr. Malice was nominated not only for his skilful written contributions to the 12 Days of Toymas, but also the wonderful musical additions in the form of ‘Oh Hey! Happy Toymas!’. There’s also the work he’s doing with aid from Silent Addle ahead of the…

Toy Soldier Of The Week – Danov Valravn!


Congratulations to Spymaster General Danov Valravn for becoming this weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week! He’s been nominated for his bravery and efforts during the 12 Days Of Toymas Initiative, taking the first slot, getting his story in quick, and going outside of his usual genre (of spooky ass stories, seriously, read the Hot Dog…

10 Year Anniversary Video Project


Join the forum discussion on this postDr. Malice has something special in store for the 10 year anniversary of Toy Soldiers Unite & The Army of Toy Soldiers. After having spent much time working upon it, Dr. Malice has created a brand new cover and expansion of the song Build A Playland. Together with Silent…

The Toymas Spectacular – Danov Valravn

Toymas Spectacular

TSUzie was anxious. Toymas was here and yet Danov and Amber had not made any preparations. Danov was ranting and raging about the disappearance of the Hot Dog Man and Amber was once again lost in the throes of creation, forming some new masterpiece in the warren that was her workshop. “Humans are just so…

Christmas Readings by SilentAddle


With his smooth and silky voice, SilentAddle reads to us two tales, perfect for this Toymas eve. So sit down, grab a drink, close your eyes, and listen. H.P. Lovecrafts ‘The Festival’   ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’

On the Twelfth day of Toymas – Iceroyale


As I was walking to my bunk from one of my hidden labs (this one being on sub-level 9C, section 15), something rather odd happened.

Dr. Malice Presents: Oh Hey! Happy Toymas

Dr Malice's Apothecary

Courtesy of the ever talented and musically inclined Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra, here’s a toymas present you can unwrap early! An accompaniment to his 2015 Toymas story, Dr. Malice presents this EP as a Present for all to enjoy, free of charge! Happy Toymas, Everyone!

On the Eleventh day of Toymas – Sari Alwinn


Tonight is the eve of Toymas Eve, the bunker sparse of twinkling lights, or holiday cheer, the smells of peppermint and hot cocoa are nowhere to be found.